Sunday, September 12, 2010

BANABU: Principles VII-XI

In this final installment of the BANABU Principles, let me remind you that Mike Kemski developed this as his abbreviated notes from reading thousands of dollars worth of self-improvement books.
Because life and experiences are all like great poems (open to multiple forms of interpretation), may I encourage you to write your own one page note on a book you read because it may help you better yourself in some form. Here are his final one-liners for the last 5 principles.


Principle 7- Only Decisions Change Lives

*You Can Learn All The Newest, Coolest, Latest And Greatest Techniques But Until You Learn And Realize This One Thing, It Is All Just Useless Junk.



Principle 8- Progress Not Perfection

        *Trying To Achieve Perfection Completely Stops Your Progress.



Principle 9- Allowing Your Success

        *If You Order A Pizza, Wait For The Pizza Guy To Show Up. Don't Go Looking For Him.



Principle 10- Use It or Lose It, Continue To Learn & Grow

*Cars Need Gas To Go And We Need "Fuel" To Keep Going Too.
The Journey Is The Reward, Not The Destination.



Principle 11- Pass the Torch

*Not Only Does It Feel Great To Help Someone Else, Your Reward Is Massively Disproportionate To Your Gift. You Get A Lot More Than You Give When You Learn How To Do It Correctly.

Of the 11 principles listed in BANABU, my personal principal I strive to remember and work on is Principle 8. "Progress, not Perfection!" - Monty Moran

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