Monday, September 13, 2010

Androgynous America

Americans, I fear, are turning into an androgynous society. The signs are everywhere:

  • Women who wear the pants in the family
  • Sexless relationships (the mojo is gone)
  • Infertile women
  • Men with boobs
  • Men with hips
  • Women with facial hair
  • Failed relationships due to gender roles not being played out.
  • Estrogen replacement commercials
  • Low testosterone commercials
And then there's that self talk or bet between friends, "Is that a man or woman over there?"

We don't have two genders of humans roaming the globe anymore. We have several.

We have:

  • The estrogenized male, chubby with girl hips and bitch tits
  • The de-testosteroned male (think Gelding in the horse world)
  • The she-male or gender bender equivalent
  • The gay bitch (actual term in the world of homosexuality), girl in a male-male relationship
  • The builder, manly man in a gay relationship
  • The metrosexual
  • The knight in shining armor- the traditional man's man and woman's affection
  • The tomboy
  • The dominant lesbian or bull dyke
  • Mustache Mary- Low estrogen, zero sex drive, PCOS
  • The dragonlady- aggressive boss/ manager or business owner and runs the house at home.
  • The submissive female of any relationship
  • The prom queen, suzy homemaker
Is there a right or wrong to all this? No, not at all. But I'll tell you this- if you want to adapt you better understand who you are dealing with. Just like the breakdown of personalities into dogs if you have read Sales Dogs or the gems like Dani Johnson uses, understanding is the beginning root of knowledge. Which direction should I go with this?

Do I delve into how we need to understand the many facets of being humans and how to interact with success?


Do I address the environmental impact on our bodies where hormones are being altered and thus altering the dichotomy of the human species into a conglomerate of beings?

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