Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About - Kevin Trudeau

Yeah he's all over the infomercial scene, but Kevin Trudeau really is onto some big things that the private public needs to know to take control of their lives.
If you don't have your health, what do you have to enjoy? Your health is a keystone to having quality in life.
It's a fast read with a hard hitting "this is how it is" angle on how trusting we are, in eating anything considered food because a food company would never feed anything to us for nefarious reasons.
Or would they?
Keeping people fat is big business for everybody.

As far as the recommended sites for cleanses, calcium and probiotics- I have some other sources that I feel better about in referring a friend to purchase and consume for improving their health. Contact me for those specifics.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Believe You Can Do What?

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things.

When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.

Norman Vincent Peale 1898-1993,

Speaker and Author

You Are Who You Hang With

"You must constantly ask yourself these questions:

Who am I around?

What are they doing to me?

What have they got me reading?

Where do they have me going?

What do they have me thinking?

And most important—what do they have me becoming?

Then ask yourself the big question—

Is that okay?"

Jim Rohn

Healthy at 100

If you are spun completely around and confused about exercise, diet, relationships, mental health and living a lifestyle where you feel truly alive - Then I recommend this book.

John Robbins writes this book like that tv show "connections"... kinda. He looks at different cultures and their longevity success clues vs other cultures and their poor state of health.
He also goes into comparing popular diet plans, the affect of relationships in our health and longevity odds.
He has action steps in implementing healthy lifestyles, eating foods (i.e. for color), mental acuity tips, relationship and community thoughts.

My words:
Eat locally for the most part.

Eat produce "in season" - for example this spring /summer eat asparagus for kidney cleansing from winter's diet effects on the body. We should be eating differently each season.

High protein/ fats don't work for everyone and neither does high carbohydrates. There are many variables that dictate how this works including blood type which is related to which digestive enzymes we have or lack, food allergies, gut health, liver health, kidney health, insulin sensitivity and so on... For those of us who eat acidic foods (including meats) we must counter-act with alkaline greens.
Keep in mind that anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory foods/ ingredients maintain youthfulness.
Minimizing stress is also key. Paraphrase: We are chasing around, not from predators rather chasing dollars and time.

The magic number for calories is around 1800-2500 calories for the average person, extremes in either direction result in weight gain.

I am very grateful that John incorporates eco-systems, social support (spouse, family, friends and community), exercise, mental sharpness and spiritual or least work on bettering yourself so you are living life.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eat Less Gain More Weight

How many calories do you eat daily?

Another question: How many Americans are dieters?
Eh one more question: How many overweight Americans are there now?

If you said around 900 calories/ day, nice work! You really have no respect for yourself and probably have some sort of self-hatred. 900 calories is what was provided for residence of NAZI DEATH CAMPS!

If you said closer to the 2500 calories/ day range, you probably feel better and don't carry excessive weight. That is, if you consistently eat in that quantity range, not yo-yo up and down in and out of that range.

70-85% of the American population is or has dieted.

Curiously 70-85% of the American population is also overweight.

And one more curious correlation, 70-85% of the American population has never had a fitness center membership.

The World Health Organization defines starvation as less than 2,100 calories/ day consumption.

The body responds to starvation as a trauma to the body and works to preserve fatty tissues as reserves. A caveat to parents: dieting children develop not only greater numbers of fat cells, but also fat cells that double in size.

Exercise accounts for 20% of achieving and maintaining an ideal weight. Lifestyle and what you put in your mouth accounts for the other 80% of success in achieving health and vitality.

Skipping meals shuts down not only our metabolism furnace, but similarly like horses we need water and constant feedings to keep the gut moving and healthy. Skimp on meals or skip meals and you will no doubt experience unpleasant gut "happenings" or "not happenings."

Malnutrition is a common diagnosis of us fat Americans. Oxymoron I know. But think of classic documentaries like "Supersize Me" or maybe just reflect on we eat to fill our bellies versus nourish our beautifully designed bodies.

Need help?

Just ask, I can and will... if you're willing to change.

The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, M.A.

One of the books I reference quite frequently is called "The Diet Cure" by Julia Ross, M.A.
As a personal trainer I get many difficult questions or issues to address as new clients open up and tell me what's going on beyond their lack of effective exercise or activity.

One of the frequently "help me, please!" issues is, emotional eating, food addiction, unexplained weight gain with clean eating, hormone imbalances and fatigue of various kinds.

Many of the solutions I look for when referencing this particular book is:
Recipes/ menus, meal planning
Biochemistry and deducting what might be deficient- which is to be followed up by clinical testing through a doctor.
Blood sugar balancing
Thyroid condition
Adrenal fatigue signs
Food allergy
Yeast, bacteria or mold overgrowth in the body
Amino acid profiling
Mineral deficiency
Fatty acid deficiency or imbalance

A must read, but perhaps more importantly a human body self-service instruction guide or reference book to have in your library. Here's the link:

The Diet Cure

Remember, the average person has a big tv and a small or non-existent library, those who are moving forward and excelling in their life have a small tv or no tv and a rather huge library. Just sayin'

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sugar Cravings

There is always a constant power struggle and balance issue between bacteria, yeast and viruses/ parasites in the body.

When yeast rises to power- and it's pretty common when you think about what it takes to encourage it: anti-biotics (anti healthy gut bacteria as well); hormonal changing drugs, herbs and emotions; and just as in cooking... SUGAR.

Now think about this: If yeast has been allowed to overgrow in the body, sugar cravings become a huge issue. The yeast will hi-jack the body's food craving "software" and ramp up sugar cravings.

Solution: Understand & accept the concept of yeast in bodies, then learn how to overthrow yeast and keep it at bay. Yeast will never be totally gone, after all it's part of body ecology. It's the balance we're after.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Your 3 weeks are up

Why would anybody need a trainer after the first two or three weeks?

Oh, oh I know pick me, pick me. There I was… training a new client. We were getting results quickly and my alternative style was being adapted to quite well…

Then it HAPPENED! This individual stopped scheduling times and disappeared. Not thinking anything of it; I mean people get sick, have to go out of town suddenly or who knows what, I didn’t bother contacting for a week.

I soon found out that I wasn’t needed, shouldn’t be bothered anymore and greatly appreciated for all my help.

That’s fine. People come & go. Some need more guidance than others. Although many stay on to see what else I come up with (nothing like a little foreshadowing in a blog.)

3 months later, the entire spring season has passed, It UNHAPPENED! This individual called me up looking for another month of training. So I obliged. And like clockwork, 2 weeks into the training this individual figured they had a new workout routine memorized and hinted at going solo once again.

But wait… I was overheard talking to another much more loyal client. Her 3 weeks were up and it was time to change up the workouts. Whoa! Workouts are changed every 3 weeks? Yeah stick around long enough and serious results will happen.

Here’s why:

  1. I get bored watching people do the same stuff for a month.
  2. The body adapts quickly, so to stimulate it to stay in shape - WE NEED TO CHANGE THINGS UP.
  3. When performing variations between heavy and light training, the body can only handle 3-4 weeks of heavy lifting before it breaks down from not being able to recuperate. Louie Simmons from WestSide Barbell will back me on that.
  4. Job security. Change elicits results. Results are associated to the reason people train with me.
  5. Entertainment. Many loyal clients simply stick around for not only the above four reasons, but also because they’re curious. What else am I going to come up with?

When a guy thinks “What-If?” all the time, who knows?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mercola Healthy Recipes

Per client requests, I am going to start a Wednesday blog dedicated to recommended books. Seems how I read quite a bit, this should be... besides the question where to start.

Lately I've had a few clients on my weight loss program, whom after going through a grocery store field trip with me would ask, "Now that I know my way around the store and what to eat, how do I make a meal?"

Hmmm. My answer for this is throw things together or make a naked burger and some greens, this didn't suffice. I can cook. I can't bake - I can't follow directions. This is for those of you who are switching from the drive-thru suppers to home cooked meals.

Dr. Mercola has a great book that is not sugar coated (pardon the pun) and goes into some of the how's and why's of what foods effective our bodies, both good and bad.

Mind you this just the beginning of a long list, more great recommendations coming each Wednesday. Make sure you subscribe to my blog to keep up with my latest articles about nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, weekly product reviews, as well as some weekly motivation! You won't want to miss out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let Life Give You What You Need

The only thing that stands in our way of finding the fearless life is something in us that tells us "I can't." And yet, three of the most powerful words in the English language are: "I can learn."

Unlike every other creature on this earth, we are created to be changed, to go through transformations that put us into a new relationship with a different order of life if we have allowed those changes to take place. We can learn about the forces inside of us so that gradually we begin to recognize that the only thing that stands in our way of finding the fearless life is something in us that tells us we can't.

Out of this persistence, everything changes. Until then, we don't know that everything changes because we only make a tiny attempt at something and then run into our own conclusion that it's a dead-end street. Then we try to find another street we can go down, never knowing that none of those streets go anywhere because they are created by the same mind that produces the dead-end! Mountains crumble before the one who will wait for a passage through them. Persistence is knowing that life changes.

The seasons themselves are the evidence of a reality that is always shifting, in transition, ever improving itself. We can gain new self-knowledge through the observation of the fact that everything is changing. We can discover through this persistence connected with self-knowledge -- born of awareness -- that we are in a world of changes, but within us exists something that is unchanging because we are willing to watch the changes take place. Then passages open up before us that were impossibly closed because they were closed to the person who insisted they open the way we wanted them to.

With this understanding, we can start letting go of the nature that creates its own passage, and wait for Truth -- for God's life -- to create and show us a passage through the change. Then our persistence begins to pay off because it is a gateway to a new kind of confidence and success based in a conviction we have inside of us. It's a conviction because we have experienced for ourselves that the world changes if we will watch it change. If we try to change it according to what we want however, we will never see the changes that we imagine, and will always wind up a captive of our own imaginings.

Out of this persistence comes the gradual, marvelous recognition that a big part of changing everything is learning to be persistent in waiting for the right moment for us to move through... and we have to be there when it happens! We can't run for fear that we won't accomplish what we set out to accomplish.

We live in a world that is established for us to succeed in realizing that within us dwells an Intelligence beyond fear. The whole world is set up so that we can take attention, awareness, self-knowledge, and persistence, and bring them together. We can choose to be in this moment in order to let the moment educate us, without telling ourselves what we want. We let Life give us what we need to understand.

Once we experience for ourselves that the universe is actually set up for us to succeed in becoming wise in all things, we realize in that same moment that reality itself is compassionate. It is founded in love. With this discovery, fear is dissolved, because we are no longer apart from life. We don't have adversaries anymore. We're not fighting with anything or anyone because we have some idea of scarcity of commodity or consciousness. We have been awakened in ourselves to something in us, and it is our knowledge.

We find that love is that wholeness, indivisibility, and recognition that all things good come to those for whom the good is all things. When you set out to find the truly fearless life, lo and behold, you discover that fear cannot dwell in the presence of this Light.

-- Guy Finley


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