Friday, June 18, 2010

Eat Less Gain More Weight

How many calories do you eat daily?

Another question: How many Americans are dieters?
Eh one more question: How many overweight Americans are there now?

If you said around 900 calories/ day, nice work! You really have no respect for yourself and probably have some sort of self-hatred. 900 calories is what was provided for residence of NAZI DEATH CAMPS!

If you said closer to the 2500 calories/ day range, you probably feel better and don't carry excessive weight. That is, if you consistently eat in that quantity range, not yo-yo up and down in and out of that range.

70-85% of the American population is or has dieted.

Curiously 70-85% of the American population is also overweight.

And one more curious correlation, 70-85% of the American population has never had a fitness center membership.

The World Health Organization defines starvation as less than 2,100 calories/ day consumption.

The body responds to starvation as a trauma to the body and works to preserve fatty tissues as reserves. A caveat to parents: dieting children develop not only greater numbers of fat cells, but also fat cells that double in size.

Exercise accounts for 20% of achieving and maintaining an ideal weight. Lifestyle and what you put in your mouth accounts for the other 80% of success in achieving health and vitality.

Skipping meals shuts down not only our metabolism furnace, but similarly like horses we need water and constant feedings to keep the gut moving and healthy. Skimp on meals or skip meals and you will no doubt experience unpleasant gut "happenings" or "not happenings."

Malnutrition is a common diagnosis of us fat Americans. Oxymoron I know. But think of classic documentaries like "Supersize Me" or maybe just reflect on we eat to fill our bellies versus nourish our beautifully designed bodies.

Need help?

Just ask, I can and will... if you're willing to change.

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