Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sugar Cravings

There is always a constant power struggle and balance issue between bacteria, yeast and viruses/ parasites in the body.

When yeast rises to power- and it's pretty common when you think about what it takes to encourage it: anti-biotics (anti healthy gut bacteria as well); hormonal changing drugs, herbs and emotions; and just as in cooking... SUGAR.

Now think about this: If yeast has been allowed to overgrow in the body, sugar cravings become a huge issue. The yeast will hi-jack the body's food craving "software" and ramp up sugar cravings.

Solution: Understand & accept the concept of yeast in bodies, then learn how to overthrow yeast and keep it at bay. Yeast will never be totally gone, after all it's part of body ecology. It's the balance we're after.

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