Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About - Kevin Trudeau

Yeah he's all over the infomercial scene, but Kevin Trudeau really is onto some big things that the private public needs to know to take control of their lives.
If you don't have your health, what do you have to enjoy? Your health is a keystone to having quality in life.
It's a fast read with a hard hitting "this is how it is" angle on how trusting we are, in eating anything considered food because a food company would never feed anything to us for nefarious reasons.
Or would they?
Keeping people fat is big business for everybody.

As far as the recommended sites for cleanses, calcium and probiotics- I have some other sources that I feel better about in referring a friend to purchase and consume for improving their health. Contact me for those specifics.

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