Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Healthy at 100

If you are spun completely around and confused about exercise, diet, relationships, mental health and living a lifestyle where you feel truly alive - Then I recommend this book.

John Robbins writes this book like that tv show "connections"... kinda. He looks at different cultures and their longevity success clues vs other cultures and their poor state of health.
He also goes into comparing popular diet plans, the affect of relationships in our health and longevity odds.
He has action steps in implementing healthy lifestyles, eating foods (i.e. for color), mental acuity tips, relationship and community thoughts.

My words:
Eat locally for the most part.

Eat produce "in season" - for example this spring /summer eat asparagus for kidney cleansing from winter's diet effects on the body. We should be eating differently each season.

High protein/ fats don't work for everyone and neither does high carbohydrates. There are many variables that dictate how this works including blood type which is related to which digestive enzymes we have or lack, food allergies, gut health, liver health, kidney health, insulin sensitivity and so on... For those of us who eat acidic foods (including meats) we must counter-act with alkaline greens.
Keep in mind that anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory foods/ ingredients maintain youthfulness.
Minimizing stress is also key. Paraphrase: We are chasing around, not from predators rather chasing dollars and time.

The magic number for calories is around 1800-2500 calories for the average person, extremes in either direction result in weight gain.

I am very grateful that John incorporates eco-systems, social support (spouse, family, friends and community), exercise, mental sharpness and spiritual or least work on bettering yourself so you are living life.

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