Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upcoming Summer Group Session

Don't forget to sign-up for my summer group classes starting soon!!! Fill out the registration form located right here on my blog (right hand side tool bar). I have a classes for both ADULTS and YOUTH! It is never too late to get into shape for the summer!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Young Living Essential Oils Presentation in Fargo

Monday night May 24th at 7:30pm

Jen Springer and Monty Moran will be hosting a casual experience in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils.

We will have lots of oils and nutritional supplements to show and explain as well sharing our personal stories in how our lives changed since we started playing with the oils and started using many of the other products.

This is intended to be a fun experience where you can see, smell and put the oils on.

Don't expect a business presentation or a sales meeting.

Do expect Jen to be very chatty.

We just want to share our excitement and see firsthand what we do with the oils and supplements in relation to:

Asthma relief

Colds & allergies

Emotional lifting

Stress relief

Weight loss

Pain relief



Safe household cleaning


If you would like, we will have products available for purchase, help with setting up orders and support if you decide "I want to be a distributor too!"

Again, we invite to come and see, smell and touch.

Location: Nodak Mutual Insurance

1101 First Ave North



Monday May 24th 7:30PM

Summer Youth Workouts at Sports Center

Round up the kids and get over to the Sports Center! Doug Duran has opened his family hours at the Sports Center. While you go get your workout on, I will lead the kids through their own workouts.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:30AM

$100/ month

Boys and girls ages 8-11

Group/ class workout setting with the focus being to develop: balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and speed. This is an introductory setting in encouraging body awareness, self-confidence, fitness as a lifestyle mindset, healthy eating habits. Shoot! You might even learn something from your kid(s) throughout the summer. The exercises are age appropriate for the kids' ever changing bodies, a great supplemental activity for sports participants and those who have never participated in any activities outside of gym class.

In accordance with general teacher to student ratios, if there are more than 10 kids participating I will bring in another instructor to help out. Limit class size is 20 participants with two instructors leading the kids through their workouts.

On nice mornings we will also be going outside to get some fresh air and workout. Be sure your young one has a water bottle, sunblock if desired and wearing proper attire to workout.


After a year of experimenting and testing the TABATA way of working out with my semi-private clients and the Sports Center's Biggest Loser Challenge Group, I am going to offer one TABATA class to the public.

The idea behind TABATA is to provide a structured class in higher paced workouts. The tempo is based on time. For example, an exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest, changing exercises each time. These series may last for four minutes as the first block of exercises. Between each block there may be a 100 second rest, followed by another block of 20 "on" and 10 "off" sequences of exercises. Typically about four or five blocks of routines.

Mind you I change things up!

Participants will perform exercises involving dumbbells, kettlebells, Physioballs, Bosu Balls, weighted bars, maybe even tires and ropes, and many bodyweight only exercises. Not all in one class period… well we'll see—wouldn't want to limit myself. This is a class setting with variations of the exercises available for those who either have a limitation or would like a little more challenge.

I am hosting the TABATA class at the Sports Center in Fargo: 3320 Westrac Drive South.

Doug Duran has agreed to allow non-members of the Sports Center to participate without a membership granted participants are just doing the TABATA class.

The class will be held in the racquetball court and limited to 10 class participants with myself and Tessa (Sports Center trainer) as instructors.

Registration forms can be downloaded in pdf form on my blog

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15pm- 6:45pm

$60/ month

Text me at 701-261-9636 to reserve your spot


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