Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mercola Healthy Recipes

Per client requests, I am going to start a Wednesday blog dedicated to recommended books. Seems how I read quite a bit, this should be... besides the question where to start.

Lately I've had a few clients on my weight loss program, whom after going through a grocery store field trip with me would ask, "Now that I know my way around the store and what to eat, how do I make a meal?"

Hmmm. My answer for this is throw things together or make a naked burger and some greens, this didn't suffice. I can cook. I can't bake - I can't follow directions. This is for those of you who are switching from the drive-thru suppers to home cooked meals.

Dr. Mercola has a great book that is not sugar coated (pardon the pun) and goes into some of the how's and why's of what foods effective our bodies, both good and bad.

Mind you this just the beginning of a long list, more great recommendations coming each Wednesday. Make sure you subscribe to my blog to keep up with my latest articles about nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, weekly product reviews, as well as some weekly motivation! You won't want to miss out!

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