Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Referral Program

Do you know someone looking for a trainer and would like to recommend me? I will now give you incentives for recommending myself to someone, if they sign-up to train with me. My new referral program will reward you for helping me build my cliental. Here is how it works.

For every NEW client you refer to me, I will take $25.00 off your next month billing.

What you need to know / how it works

  • The new client will need to pay the first month & any registration fees that go along with it and sign the contracts before the $25.00 reward shows up on your billing invoice.
  • You can refer as many people as you like. If you refer 4 new clients in a month and they all pay – I will take $100.00 off your next month's bill.
  • If you receive more rewards then your billing, they will carry over to the following months invoice.
  • Invoices will be distributed on the 25th of the month. Any referrals after the 25th will not apply until the next invoicing period.

What I consider a new client

  • Someone who has not trained with me before
  • Someone who signs up for one of the contracted training programs (Email and One-on-One training do not apply)

What you need to tell your friends, family and acquaintances

  • I offer semi-private training. Meaning, I train multiple people at the same time, bouncing from person to person.
  • I have a various contract options including 6 month, 3 month & month to month. Ask me for my current rates! (Also, ask me about my current registration fee special that expires December 31, 2009! Starting January 1, 2010, there will be a $100 registration fee on all new contracts.)

If you ever need marketing materials to give to people, just ask. I have brochures and business cards and throughout the year I also have other flyers with information about training and other programs I offer.

If you have further questions regarding my new referral program, contact me.

Monty Moran

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