Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanging L-Raise

So you think you have abs?
I mean you can do 50 sit-up crunches right? Yeah that's pretty awesome. Congrats!
Now get real.
Mikael gets bored doing full hanging leg raises- where her feet touch the bar she is holding onto with her legs straight the whole time. So we upped it a notch. Stop half way back down and go back up. Is it cheating or easier? Phhht! Hardly! The strength it take to reverse the downward motion and lift back up from an "L-shaped" or 90 degree angle is phenomenal. You won't see many people be able to do this. Probably 5% of your gym's population or less. The other 90% are still doing their killer 50 crunches on the floor. Oh and the remainder 5% can do hanging leg raises and are working on L-raises.

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