Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday KK

Sweetie, enjoy your super 6th birthday today… in fact enjoy being 6yrs old until February 2nd then be a super awesome 6 and a half year old.

Because you are a bigtime numbers girl, let's count.

10 of my Favorite Things I do for You or We do Together:

  1. At night, tuck you in and give you kisses goodnight.
  2. Look at pictures new and old while I tell you about myself when I was little.
  3. Give you hugs and kisses and tickles and make funnies.
  4. Spend quality time with just you.
  5. Give you nutritious food so you can grow up healthy, super smart, strong like Wonder Woman and fast like Flash.
  6. Play the random 4 objects in a story game, while I marvel at your creativity.
  7. Tape all your art work on the walls; makes our home feel surrounded by beauty and love.
  8. Play at the parks, playgrounds, in the trees, mud holes, rain puddles and mischievously in the grocery stores as well.
  9. Cuddle under a blanket and watch our favorite movies together.
  10. Talk out the rights and wrongs and emotions. Knowing a logical person cannot argue with emotions and feelings, but simply lends an ear to understand your perspective.
  11. Read books together, put puzzles together, visit the library, hang out in Barnes & Noble for hours, go on picnics and play with your toys right along with you.



6 Things I Love About You Kaely:


1.  I love you Kaely because you're happy most of the time.


2. I love you Kaely because you love to learn more than you already know - and you're so very coachable. 


3. I love you Kaely because you have an inventory oriented mind that amazes me.


4. I love you Kaely because you show your true feelings and emotions.


5. I love you Kaely because you see what you want and aren't afraid to ask for what you want; so proud of you for working on overcoming shyness.


6. Most importantly, I love you Kaely because you are a reminder to me of the little person residing inside all of us - a reminder of the person who came into the world to succeed and enjoy.


What melts me the most about you Kaely Kay is how you hug me heart to heart, give me that cute little consoling kid's pat-pat-pat on the back and not quite whisper in my ear, "I Love You Daddy."



  1. Happy 6th Birthday Miss Kaely! I hope it is the BESTEST birthday (so far)! Celebrate with friends and family and eat cake and icecream (yum). Enjoy being 6 - you are such a young lady now!

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