Sunday, August 15, 2010

BANABU: Principles IV-VI

In this second installment of my BANABU notes, I feel obligated to expand on the 4th and 6th Principles. The 5th Principle has its own blog page.

Principle 4- The Law of Attraction

        *Powerful Universal Law Explains the Reason Things Come and Go To and From Your Life. 

Principle 5- T.E.A.R. The Process Of Manifestation

 *"Building Blocks" of the Universe. Formula To "Build" Anything You Want In Life From Financial Freedom To Better Health. Thought. Emotion. Action. = Results.

See the Action blog post on this powerful process.

Principle 6- Awareness=Possibility

        *When You Expand Your Awareness You Expand Your Possibility.

Here's a great illustration:

You decide that you want to go on a cruise this next year. Not just any cruise, but a 9 day tour of the Mediterranean Sea. By applying the 5th Principle things begin to happen. Here's the trick though. Doors of opportunity are opening and presenting themselves. 
Look for the signs. They could show up as the following (and many more versions as well):
  • Advertisements for that special kind of cruise
  • Someone talks about the cruise they just went on and how they landed a deal
  • E-mail spam box suggesting travel related offers
  • A documentary show on tv about cruise lines

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