Monday, August 9, 2010

BANABU: Principles I-III

BANABU = Building A New And Better Universe

  I stumbled across
Mike Kemski and BANABU in 2006. I listened to his audio, I downloaded his e-book and I still refer to my notes on his views. Like many of us who invest in ourselves by reading, listening and watching self-improvement products, Mike Kemski decided to summarize what he had learned from his self-improvement investments and education. The result turned into what he calls BANABU.
The following is the first of a three part series covering the 11 Principles of BANABU.

Principle 1- Everything Has To Be Something
        *Everything Is Energy And You Control Yours.



Principle 2- The Law of Duality

        *Learn How To Use What You Don't Want To Get Exactly What You Do Want.



Principle 3- The Power of Perception

        *See Everything As New Again & Create An Unstoppable Momentum.


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