Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Client Performance Results

In the attached pdf's are two compiled data sheets for overall results of my clients.
It's brutally honest. Some are some amazing numbers. While the high school boys typically re-tested during the first two weeks of their sport starting, resulting in down numbers from fatigue of coming in right after practice to test out. Oh well.

If you are looking for results in performance, I can deliver.
Personal records and phenomenal increases in strength, vertical and speed happen all the time with me and my clients.

Cormax West Personal Training Client Performance Results- Overall

Cormax West Personal Training Client Performance Results- Age groups

Oh and let me know when you are ready to get serious and train with a real pro, ME!!

P.S. When Emily Gunkelman came out of college basketball and decided to train for the WNBA with me she went from a 12" vertical to 24" in 4 months. I went with the younger girl for most improved because... well I don't know ?? My bad, Em.

Dedicated to your performance

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