Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monty’s Boot Camp

Spring is here!

Once again the top personal trainer in Fargo-Moorhead is holding a Saturday morning one hour bootcamp for 10-weeks this spring.

We have five different outdoor locations, where we meet and get a great workout. Each weekend is a different location. It doesn't matter which gym you belong to or never go to a gym, there are no gym membership fees involved with us. Whether you are physically fit or seriously out of shape, everyone gets an appropriate workout adjusted by Monty Moran who is a seasoned fitness professional with 15+ years experience of training all age groups and fitness levels.

Starting Saturday, April 17 through Saturday, May 15

8:00AM- 9:00AM

$100 / 5 weeks

Rotating outdoor locations each week

Intense, challenging workouts that will give you results – without going to the gym

Suggested Items to bring:

*Wear layers for hot/ chilly mornings and rain/ snow gear

*Appropriate shoes (running shoes, cleats for agility, snow)

*Work/ workout gloves for tires and playground

*Water Bottle

*Sunglasses, sunblock, towel

* I'm notorious for changing things up so be flexible for change in plans

*Let's have fun, and play hard

Text to sign-up: 701-261-9636


Facebook: Cormax West

Facebook: Monty Moran

Registration Form: Download & Fill Out

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