Friday, September 11, 2009

Training Around Injuries

Aw shoot it happened! A stupid injury! Now what?!

Hold up, the sky hasn't fallen. First assess the injury. Is it so bad that it inhibits you from doing specific motions or exercises? If so you better see a doc; if not maybe simply taking it easy for a few days will suffice while your body heals.

Better yet, work around it. If it is a leg injury, don't neglect your upper body workouts. And so on.

I have worked with the most difficult situations in helping people bounce back from injuries. While I am not a doctor, chiropractor or therapist- I have been instrumental as the bridge between surgeries, treatments, rehab sessions and that period of time where insurance runs out for therapy as well as what to do after doctor release dates. I know my limits and make sure to either talk with the doctor or therapist as to what the rehabilitation plan is or communicate through my clients to get all the information and make sure we are all on the same page.

Background experience includes: foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, arm, shoulder, rib, and neck injuries and surgeries. Stroke, various abdominal surgeries, muscle strains, ligament sprains, fibromyalgia, muscle strength or flexibility imbalances resulting in poor posture, running mechanics, joint misalignment and various odd pains. And lately, quadriplegia.

Seems like I always get the tough ones. But the many successful outcomes are so rewarding.

Remember the body heals itself when given an opportunity.
  • Ice heals. Ice for 5-15 minutes multiple times for the first 72 hours of an injury.
  • Heat loosens up muscles and facilitates blood flow. Use only before an activity. Caution heat can cause inflammation which is counter-productive for healing. Not recommended during the first 72 hours of an acute injury.
  • Hot/ cold flush for intense exercise recovery. Great for multiple day intense camps, first week of practice and other grueling events. The idea is to use the muscles as pumps to flush out waste products from exercise that cause us to be so incredibly sore but not injured. Best way to do it is to have available two tubs. A hot tub and a cold tub. switch back and forth between tubs with 30 seconds to a few minutes in each. Don't just hang in the hot tub.
  • Drink water, milk or other fluids that will replenish your body.
  • Eat proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. These are healing foods.
  • Move your body. The body needs to move. The more it moves about the better it works.
Yeah injuries are no fun, but smart training can accelerate the recovery process quicker than the "average" person's expectations. I can help.

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