Friday, September 18, 2009

Ball to Box Jumps

Want vertical?
The ball to box jump is a classic way to incorporate vertical jump training into your workout. The idea is to stimulate the muscles to fire quickly from a rest position and explode up sending your body soaring through the air. Granted this is only one aspect of jump training and doesn't elicit the plyometric or stretch-contract effect on the tendons for optimal use of kinetic energy (more videos displaying that in the future).

Lacey is one of my clients who likes to push herself in the aspect of being good at everything and her workout regime backs it up. In six months she has lost 17 pounds, gained strength by 200% pretty much across the board. Started by doing three days of strength training and three days of advanced dance classes. Now Lacey has evolved into a fitness diva and runs 2-3 miles two days a week, sprints on the treadmills another two days a week, advanced dance classes two days a week, strength trains three days a week and recently added boxing training one day a week, in addition she tries get up early and do some form of cardio (treadmill or elliptical) two days a week, and does my boot camp every other weekend. Add 'em up and that 10-13 workouts per week.

My experience is 2-3 workouts a week doesn't cut it in getting results but it's a starting point. The progression to numerous workouts per week is a lifestyle change. And the results can become addictively rewarding. And yes she does have an 8-5 job and just started her own marketing business and scrapbooks and knits. We all have time. It's what we do with it and prioritize things that matters.

Thank you Lacey for being a good sport and allowing me to show the "didn't quite make 35" video."

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