Friday, September 4, 2009

As more friends, family and clients become educated about fitness, nutrition and inundated by supplement claims- the question comes up as to what is a good quality ____ supplement?

In the past five years I have been able to confidently suggest for or against certain products or brands. I have a secret source that I will reveal today. It is

This is a non-profit independent research group that basically goes around, buys products off the shelf or orders it in (if it is a direct selling product) and then performs a complete analysis without the scientists knowing which brand (blind testing). Their product selection process is stated as:
Products were selected to represent those commonly sold and/or available nationally in the U.S. and Canada. purchased products on the open market through retail stores, on-line retailers, catalogues, or multi-level marketing companies. Products were not accepted directly from manufacturers.

They look for:
  • Whether the supplement contain what it says on the label.
  • Quantities and relationship to minimum recommended requirements through high dose toxicological warnings.
  • Any contaminates or other products that aren’t suppose to be present.
  • Quality of product (synthetic, natural sources, extracts, etc).
  • Ability to disintegrate in solution.
  • Nutrition content for shakes, bar, drinks.
  • What products do or don’t pass the athletic banned substance list.
  • As well as a separate recalls and warnings page.
They test everything from multi-vitamins, sports supplements, weight loss, memory enhancement, joint health products, herbals, cholesterol lowering, vision, prostate, menopause, probiotics and numerous special ingredient items.

My knowledge is only as good as my sources. And Muscle & Fiction magazines don’t make my reading list.

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