Monday, April 12, 2010

Pre-View Kid Outdoor Bootcamps

If you have an active kid who likes creative challenges, you gotta get a hold of me.
Well... maybe I should back up. Inactive kids who need to get out and get movin' creatively are very welcome as well.
This summer I am launching the kid version of my traveling bootcamps. Traveling as in, we meet at different parks, playgrounds, fields, hills, tracks and such. No gym memberships. Just me, the kids and the great outdoors as our "workout place."
Here's a little taste of what the advanced kids would do (I do modify activities for each individual's ability).

This bootcamp for kids will attract kids who want to have a fun workout like this.

The adult one hour Saturday morning camp starts April 17th at 8AM (this weekend) and only goes for 5 weeks this spring. Contact me via text or e-mail or facebook to sign-up and find out where the first location will be.

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