Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Consecutive Long Jumps

I do the jumping knee tuck or hops before I perform any explosive or fast movement. Reason is to lay down muscle motor neuron pathways related to the activity to be performed. Basically telling the body, "Ok we're gonna go hard and fast! Be ready!"
You will never see me hold a stretch before an activity like this. I would be sending the wrong body readiness message as in, "Relax, go easy."

This idea of performing 5 consecutive long jumps (5CLJ) came from a coach at the University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse. The average person should be able to broad jump their own height in distance. He has sufficient data that correlates one's long jump ability to speed. He had a group of world class time 400M sprinters at the time I discovered him. They were jumping around 11 feet. Which is amazing!

But we do 5CLJ's because it brings in a bigger athleticism challenge. The ability to land from an explosive jump, re-coil the muscles and spring forward again repeatedly requires: coordination, the exploitation of the plyometric effect on muscles and tendon and overall body strength (think armswing, core muscles to re-align the body mid-air and obviously legs & glutes).

Those studs from UW-L were jumping 55 feet in the 5CLJ. The end of the tape in my videos was at 45 feet. I have some work to do I guess.

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