Friday, October 30, 2009

Power Jumps

These videos are examples of weight ranges that I typically train with, as well as the elite individuals that I train.

The beauty of the Cormax machines is that there is no holding back. We can give each rep 100% effort. The result is we get to throw the weights vs slow down at the end. Train slow get slow. Train fast and explosive and... well become fast and explosive!

The question with the more elite folks is "Now that we can jump or throw the weights safely, WHAT'S GOOD?"

There are actually two answers. One I won't go into on this discussion because it involves using accelerometers and measuring the speed or velocity of the weights being moved. And has become lengthy phone conversations with NFL strength coaches who are learning to apply the numbers to the players explosive strength training routine.

The second answer is a basic one in terms of everything being relative to your own body weight. I mean really who cares if you can max squat 300 pounds when you weigh 400 pounds. That just means you can't move athletically with power. And will probably always get beat in every sport you participate in that requires those metrics.

However, when you figure the actual forces applied to the body for sports and the simple physics that says you must produce power or force greater than your body weight to jump or run to elicit any appreciable results; Training with resistances above and beyond your body weight is required for success.

What's good is being able to do at least twice your body weight.

Here I am doing 1x my body weight (180 pounds) on my shoulders. I can jump fairly well with this resistance.

Then I do 2x my body weight (360 pounds). I can still jump but obviously not as high.

Finally, I push my limits and do 3x my body weight (540 pounds). That was not easy, and I prefer to set the safety valve pretty much all the way open so I can feel the weight. 540 pounds doesn't fly very high and comes back down very fast. But nonetheless, I can push myself with heavy weights (or multiples of my body weight) attempt to apply enough force to jump and never risk injury.

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