Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fix to Problems with Personal Training

Typical scenario:
You sign up with a personal trainer.
Pay approximately $1/ minute (average rate for the F-M area) and train for 30-60 minutes.
Do 10 minutes of elliptical, 10 minutes of bike and 10 minutes of treadmill.
Then do 20 minutes of strength training.
A typical 50 minute workout for $50.
The whole time the trainer is standing over you either barking orders, watching tv with you while doing cardio, or babying you. Most cases providing as a gym buddy.
Now if this is what $50 a workout is worth to you, by all means do it.
I find intelligent, motivated clients who can perform a great workout on their own, but need a few things to make it successful in achieving the results they're looking for.

1) The need for a game plan.
  • All my clients have a training log to follow and document progress.
  • We typically change it up every three weeks.
  • They go to the gym knowing exactly what the workout is that day.
  • There is no GMA (general milling around), each workout has a purpose.
2) The need for spurts of motivation and periodic check-ins by me.
  • My clients don't need nor want me to stand over them while working out.
  • New workouts require more one on one attention to insure proper form, technique, equipment set-up and understanding of the movement.
  • We talk fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle topics.
3) Consistency.
  • It's hard for most to have a trainer 3-4 days a week and have money left over in their budget. Add up the typical $50 session every workout for a month (figure 13-17 workouts) that equals $650-$850 for a month of training.
  • Now for $125-$175 a month (depending on length of your contract) you get all the guidance you need to achieve results and can afford to keep the services for 6 months to a year as it typically requires for lasting results. I have many who have been with me for years.

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