Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Get Sick

1. Stay out of the sun- In addition to the benefits of Vitamin D production, we also tend to be happier or less depressed.
2. Go to bed after midnight- 1 hour of sleep before midnight = 4 hours after midnight according to Elmer Josephson. It has also been proven that we can die from lack of sleep before lack of water or food.
3. Never let them see you sweat- Could talk forever about this but I’ll sum it up with benefits of exercise and detoxification.
4. Take Mega Vitamins- the angle here is the cheap synthetic vitamins and excessive quantities. Think quality not quantity.
5. Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash and drink fluoridated water. Do a web search on fluoride or type in fluoride on, the history of how fluoride and human consumption is disturbing.
6. Use artificial sweeteners and avoid sugars - Backing off on sugars is a good idea but there is a reason why we need to consume carbohydrates (sugars). Another blog on artificial sugars is the works. One tidbit would be that artificial sugars are classified as neurotoxins. Ah I don’t know if I want to knowingly and willingly put neurotoxins in my body.
7. Shower every day, but don’t take a bath - Depletes hair oils, alters body pH and the shower head aerates the chlorine in tap water causing inhalation of chlorine in small frequent doses.
8. Swim in chlorinated pools.
9. Don’t breastfeed your baby.
10. Get tattoos.
11. Get all of your immunization shots - The preservatives they contain have been linked to autism and Crohn’s disease.
12. Travel in airplane often - The cabins recirculation of air also recirculates all those little cold and flu bugs as well as disturb inner ear pressure regulation.
13. Expose yourself to electromagnetic energy. Power lines, large generators, frequent talking on cell phone directly to ear have all been shown to increase free radicals (the stuff antioxidants clean up).
14. Use a lot of skin care products, cosmetics, hair care products, nail care products, shampoos, soaps, perfumes, shaving cream, suntan lotion, and antibacterial soaps
  • Brown and black hair products increase: hodgkins lymphoma (20% of all cases), mult. myeloma -Tea tree and DEA are carcinogenic.
  • Toluene is associated with asthma which is found in every fragrance since 1991.
  • Shampoos break down to formaldehyde.
  • Antibacterial products have triclosan - absorbed through skin and pose a liver threat.
15. Take lots of medications - antibiotics, oral contraceptives and corticosteroids may cause major problems with GI tract, damage the immune system, cause liver problems and alter enzyme function.
16. Get your cavities filled with mercury (silver amalgam, silver fillings, amalgam fillings) - vapor releases continuously and is linked to neurological and psychiatric problems.
17. Do excessive aerobic exercise - lower immune system, creates more oxidation stress, chronic ligament and joint problems with repetitive motion. Dr. Al Sears has an interesting perspective on how we should exercise.
18. Wear contact lenses and receive implants of other foreign objects - risk to immune system.
19. Live in a toxic home - toxic paint, new carpet, mold, paraffin candles, etc.
20. Wear synthetic fabrics
21. Breathe with shallow breaths - infants are instinctively belly breathers. You can actually increase your metabolism just by breathing in more air by belly breathing.
22. Swallow your food without chewing well (or at all)
  • Chewing produces saliva
  • Saliva breaks down carbohydrates
  • Chewing action stimulates parotid gland behind the ears which signals thymus gland to produce T cells in case food contains toxins or pathogens.
  • Best to deliver food to stomach in a near liquid state.
  • Optimally chew food 35-50 times.
  • Proposed that simply chewing your food can prevent Crohn’s disease and Addison’s.

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