Friday, July 17, 2009

E = mv²

Not having enough energy to workout or simply stay active simply won’t suffice as an excuse once I break this dilemma down, scientifically. I’m going to revert to Einstein’s famed equation by substituting the speed of light (which does not apply to us) with “work in general” which would give us mv².

Ok so, our energy or lack thereof at times can be related to how much work we are performing.

The Derivation:
E How much energy we put out or have
m Mass meaning the resistance, weight lifted or moved, or simply our own bodies
v Velocity or to set in motion
v² Acceleration or increasing rate at which we move ourselves or “things” in… well think
a faster and faster analogy.

For those interested in this physics stuff, see for a more detailed story.

As anyone who exercises can tell you, we actually feel more energized after a good hard workout and we’ve given ourselves a little time to recover.

Here’s why. When we either move stuff that is heavy or quickly as in lifting weights or running- that falls on the right side of the equation- there is a “more value” over there. And because it is an equation meaning equal on both sides, we get more ENERGY out of it. Sure it takes energy to workout. But the more intense the workout the more energy you will get back.

So lift heavier, swim-bike-run faster, throw the weights harder (if using Cormax, or a safe alternative), jump higher and farther and get more out of your workouts. Experience your own increase in energy, by your own doing.

Or in the animal world, move like a sloth be like a sloth, move like a cheetah and be lean, strong and quick like a cheetah.

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  1. No.
    You feel energized because your body is basically in high activity mode. Blood is pumping faster, more oxygen gets around, adrenalin is released. Your body also opens the floodwalls and gets more sugar into the blood stream or calls upon its fat reserves.
    When you work out, you put your body on high activity mode. This will consume your stored energy resources to give you this temporary buff. There is a reason you get winded. That's when your body reaches its limit of how long he can sustain this high activity.

    The reason why your body is on low consumption most of the time is this:
    Humans evolved as stalking predators. Our cavemen ancestors literally hounded down their prey over huge tracks of land until said prey broke down. Later, adding wounds via tools (weapons) shortened the time needed for the hunt by bringing down prey faster.

    Humans can WALK astounding distances with no problem over long durations. But running is a short term tool. Both to get away from danger but also to make quick attacks.

    High activity consumes energy in the form of nutrients. That means if your work out, you need to replace that burned fuel.
    getting fat is exactly what your body is designed to do. Store energy for the times when food is scarce. You working out and controlling your food intake is aimed at methodically starving your body to get a better look. It also is important because the modern (non african or south american or greek...)human has much more food than he viably burns in his day to day operations. And we are USED to eating and the BODY is sure as fuck not going to tell you to stop (because it is geared to store stuff.)


    - Working out healthily is good.

    - Nothing about working out and the processes in your body have ANYTHING to do with
    The formula that calculates the energy carried by a mass moving at a speed.
    Not even close.

    And that is why i have to call you and idiot.

    Unless your workout is you getti9ng propelled against a wall or something and need to know just exactly how much force is going to maim your body....



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