Friday, January 30, 2009

The Calorie Catch-Up Game

I’ve always been a breakfast person. A few years ago, I decided to do a self-study and skip breakfast. I basically abused myself for 2 months with this hare-brained idea. I had such a hard time getting through the morning I started drinking red-neck cappuccino (coffee + chocolate milk) during the mid-morning. Lunch time consisted of a sandwich either from home, Subway or a diner. I didn’t eat much for a 5’ 8” 230 pounder (think 6” sub). I definitely couldn’t go without lunch though.

By the time I would get home at night, it was 10pm already (oh the life of an individual running a gym by himself). Here’s the kicker. I would start raiding the cupboards eating anything and everything. I knew what I was doing. I tell my clients not to this. BUT I COULDN’T STOP! I was ravenous.

Luckily, food on my stomach helps me sleep. And I got fatter as time went on. So what did I learn from this “study”? My body was playing calorie catch up. Because I was depriving myself of calories during the day, which is also the highest calorie burning part of a 24 hour day, my body acted as an accountant. At the end of the day it calculated that I needed thousands of more calories that night to make up for the day and then a little extra for good measure.

Interesting? Yes. Dumb? Of course, but it was an experiment.

Know anybody else that does this? If so, here’s the simple common sense answer to prevent or reverse this vicious habit. Shift calories to earlier in the day. So your biggest meal should be breakfast, then the next biggest would be lunch, and the smallest meal would be supper. Granted this is for people whose schedule only allows for three meals a day. By shifting your calories earlier in the day, you'll have fewer cravings during the day and the uncontrollable kitchen raids at night disappear.

This isn't ground breaking news, but it's quite effective and it easy to do.

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