Friday, January 29, 2010

Lat Pulldowns Behind Neck

Back to basics.
The lat pull-down behind the neck.
Look at Mikael's form & technique.
  • Upright posture
  • Chin up and head straight forward
  • Appropriate hand grip width to allow for full range of motion
  • While pulling down focusing on rotating the shoulder in towards the spine
  • While letting the weight up she is controlling it, smoothly and allowing her shoulder blades to rotate up and out... hmmm kinda like angel wings.
When doing this exercise the goal is not how much weight you can do. Rather, it's a mind-on-muscle thing. Feeling the movement. Keeping perfect alignment.

Somedays you just need to go into the gym and connect with your body. Not worry about weights, reps, speed or heart rate. Simply connect. The whole mind, body, spirit thing comes alive when you allow yourself to have one these days.

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