Friday, May 8, 2009

The Rings: Part 1

Getting bored with push-ups, and the pec deck? Try this.

You’ll need rings from, a pull-up bar or similar and a wall or something to put your feet on.

Here’s my recommended progression:
Lower the rings to about 2” off the floor. Start on your knees and perform push-ups. Next try chest flyes like you would on the pec Deck or with dumbbells. Then combine the two in a super set where you do as many flyes as possible then proceed right into doing as many push-ups as possible.

Once you gain stability in your arms make it tougher by going on your toes vs. the knees as mentioned above.

Next, try putting your feet on a bench or box. This progression keeps adding weight to your arms- more resistance.

Now before you try doing the feet on the wall version, I’d suggest practicing doing push-ups with your feet on the wall on hands on the floor. There’s a certain element of extra body stability required for this. Plus, you’ll learn that you’ll have to push yourself into the wall with your arms.

Got it down?

Now try the feet on the wall rings flyes and push-ups version. Once that gets easier you can add a weighted vest. And for those of you who are truly phenomenal… no feet! Then join a gymnastics team.

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