Friday, April 24, 2009

Recommended Site - Mercola

If you look at some of the sites that I recommend visiting you’ll see Mercola.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is the mastermind behind his own site. He often posts the latest health findings (both good and bad) and then comments on the fallacies presented by mainstream publications or praises the raw truth or amazing discoveries that living in an informational era often presents.

After following him for the past 5 years, I’ve developed new insights on how to distinguish between the latest health topics as to whether it’s a fad, hype, under researched scare, twisted truth or a hidden solution, unorthodox view, refreshing solution on health and fitness.

Sure he struggles with the why and how of certain topics, we all do, but he’s so straight forward about his thoughts. My favorite example is why humans should or shouldn’t eat raw eggs. Other creatures in nature do it, why do we have problems with it? It wouldn’t be fair for me to try to paraphrase his findings. I encourage you to search his site for “raw eggs.”

His site is easy to navigate. He generally has half a dozen new topics each week he presents. Not all are necessarily health related. He’s a curious guy about many things (i.e. tech, natural science, trivia, etc). After each post he has related topics for you to research even deeper. And a really good search tool to find topics on past posts.

Like all great minds, Dr. Mercola will stumble across a great product. If it’s truly a worthy and remarkable product that he feels would benefit his readers he will recommend it and even sell it on his site for convenience to his followers.

Beware! This information he provides can be contrary to what you may have learned or thought before. Very educational stuff for folks with an open mind; please expand your knowledge and dive into his pages.

I don’t receive commission or kickbacks from referring his site; I just believe he does a great job.

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