Friday, February 13, 2009

No Spotting = More Clients per Session

Do you feel like you could do more if you weren’t committed to spotting each client for safety reasons? Thankfully, due to the patented safety cylinder on the Cormax equipment I do more for my clients because I don’t have to spot them on lifts. Now more clients can benefit from my services by having me instruct and observe from multiple angles.

Typically, I will have 6-8 people training in one session. Everyone is performing at maximal effort whether it’s by doing heavy weights, explosively throwing of the weights or doing my version of “cardio days.”
By simply standing in the middle of the room I can observe each client’s performance. When my attention is needed for whatever reason, I can bounce between clients and consult them on form, technique, adjusting the next weight to use, aid in logging workouts and preparing future workouts, speeds to achieve for the lift, motivation and at times answer the phone or a text. And let me tell you, for a sole proprietor, the phone seems to always ring when you’re in the middle of spotting somebody when doing free weights. With safety being first, the caller is directed to leave a voice mail.

I've went from being a professional spotter and gym buddy to a performance specialist.
By not having to spot anybody I can have two youth athletes, a high school fitness enthusiast, a college athlete, a mom and two retired baby boomers all training at one time with one trainer. Everybody is working out as if they were getting ready for the Olympic tryouts. And they’re all doing it safely. I have no fear of the youth athletes getting stuck under a weight. The teenager is getting a great “sprint style” cardio workout doing weighted jumps. The college athlete is pushing herself beyond what she ever thought was possible. The mom is confident in working out with weights. And the two old guys appear to be putting on muscle and looking younger with each month of training.

This training may not work for everyone, but i have found it both efficient and safe. My clients like the fact that I am never hovering over them and they can discover their full potential with my guidance.

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